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To verify your benefits, please call WebTPA Customer Service directly at 877-697-2299.
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Pharmacy Case Management

** Attention SMHCS Health Plan Members - Pharmacy Case Management is here to help! **
  • Lower your prescription drug costs and out of pocket expenses
  • Help you pick a plan
  • Increase your pharmacy cap $1,500 annually through this FREE consultation

Important Phone Numbers:
  • Navitus Customer Service 1-866-333-2757
  • NoviXus Mail Order 1-888-240-2211
  • Walgreen's Dedicated Specialty Phone (Waldemere Plaza) 941-260-7001

Click here to allow us to review your medication list and apply for the following pharmacy programs: Pharmacy Insulin Program (PIP), add an extra $1500 to your pharmacy benefit, or Pick a Plan
New employees - click here to get help with picking your plan

Apply for these Free programs anytime of the year, PIP requires you to be on Rx Extended

Pharmacy Case Manager
(941) 917-1473
Fax: (941) 917-2669
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